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Why Detoxify?

Detoxification includes the ways our bodies identify, neutralize, and eliminate things that are unhealthy for us. These include physical substances such as toxins (poisons) from our environment or by-products from the chemical processes that keep us alive. It also includes emotions or behaviors that are unhealthy.

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We live in a polluted and stressful world. A person’s body can become overburdened and strained by contaminants. This contamination can lead to health problems. There are several types of toxins.

  • Anti-nutrients such as high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods
  • By-products from the chemical processes that keep us alive such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, bile, urea, and stool
  • Medications used improperly, inappropriately, or too often
  • Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, tin, and aluminum
  • Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, solvents, and glues
  • Allergens such as food, mold, dust, pollen, and chemicals
  • Causes of infections such as bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites

Also, there are social, emotional, and spiritual challenges that affect health and well-being.

  • Stress such as lack of personal time, too much work, excessive worry, too little rest, and financial strain
  • Unhealthy mental states such as addictions, overeating, and destructive mental patterns
  • Distractions that surround us such as constant noises, smells, lights, and images
  • Over-stimulation from advertisements, radio, computers, TV, phones, and pagers
  • Lack of spiritual connection, a loss of meaning and purpose
  • Isolation, the lack of social support and community
  • Nature deprivation, being disconnected from natural environments
  • Negative emotions and persistent self-defeating thoughts such as anger, fear, guilt, hopelessness

The Simply For Life detoxification program addresses both the toxins in our environment as well as the emotional and social aspects of our health and well-being. It is a well-rounded program designed to make you feel your best!